Goeran B Johansson. Independent Geo-strategic Analytic & Author

Goeran B. Johansson was born in 1945 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Over the years, he has acquired knowledge and skills in many different areas.

In the 1960s, he served in the UN forces in Cyprus. He is mastering English and Russian and has traveled extensively to the former Soviet Union and today's Russia through the years.

He has lived and worked for several years in Southeast Asia, mostly in the Philippines and in connection therewith published the novel "A Swedish Fellow in Asia"

He is a retired teacher a multi-instrumentalist and a former IT support technician. International politics, history of ideas, world history, philosophy, religion and Geo-strategy are among his greatest interests.


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Studying  History 10 years Old

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Visiting  Palo Beach Memorial Place and the Statues of General Douglas Mac Arthur 2011  

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Studying a Chess draw position beyond hope in Santa Fe Bantayan Island 2014

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Playing violin in Northern Sweden 2006

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Coming up from Chu Chi Tunneling System Ho Chi Minh Town , Viet Nam  2013


Snorkeling and diving PADI Open Water off Maribago Beach Lapu Lapu The Philippines